I Didn't Know
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Have you ever started something new you were really excited about and invested time or money into, but after doing it for a while, you reached a point where you just felt like “I HAVE NO IDEA WTF I’M DOING!”There is a bubbling up of frustration because you’re not quite as good as you thought you’d be, or it’s nowhere near as easy as you expected. Then suddenly a wave of guilt comes at the same time, and you don’t feel like you can admit or express this to anyone?If you’ve recently started a project or goal but have stopped, gotten stuck, or are starting to feel burned out, this is 100% the podcast for you!An unexpected thing about having a dream you want to accomplish is that it can be a very isolating experience. It's lonely because visionaries tend to see the world the way it could be, instead of settling for the way the world currently is (like so many others do).The truth is, the root of any growth is admitting you don't actually know what's going on and then getting through it. The IDK WTF I Was Doing… Podcast! is designed to give you the exact steps on how to escape the feeling of frustration and overwhelm, and lead you into the calmness and clarity needed to reach the life you know in your heart, you’re destined to have.Hear from special guests, learn incredible tips and tricks, and let all of us help you avoid some of the inevitable setbacks that lay ahead on your adventure in life, saving you time, effort, and energy.Follow us today, so Teresa and David can join you and be your supportive friends and partners through your journey. Let’s get unstuck together.

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Teresa is a perpetual student that has worked years in corporate america, over a decade in network marketing, done a handful of odd jobs and retail, and discovered that she is at her best when she’s helping others develop themselves. She is now a life coach that is passionate about helping women release themselves from a life of burnout, discover their true passions and pursue them - guilt free.As you probably know, our world has very fixed definitions of what’s “right” and “wrong” and Teresa always felt the pressure to be perfect. She worked really hard to do everything "the right way." And still she just knew that she wasn’t doing a good enough job. She constantly put up a front that she had it all together. It was incredibly lonely and exhausting to put up that front every day.Teresa wants to break the mold of perfectionism and help other people normalize not knowing. It’s uncomfortable to be in the unknown, but it’s the only way to start.

Teresa Marick

Short Bio:Teresa is a Life Coach who is going to help you find the joy in your daily activities, complete your to-do lists, prioritize time for your passions, and shift into a positive internal dialogue.She'll even help break down any barriers that arise along the way!

David Bee

Short Bio:David Bee helps new entrepreneurs set up their landing pages, courses, or events faster, with less expenses, and more simplicity than just about any other business or personal development coach in the industry.(Plus, you will have dramatically more fun doing it than you would possibly expect!)

David Bee started working in the retail world in high school around the year 2001. After years of under-appreciation David decided to branch off and create something new that would add value to the world.Though it was (and continues to be) an incredible journey of trial, error, failure, and success, David now spends the majority of his time helping people who are also interested in having some epic adventures.For those who have a burning passion inside of them, or a heartfelt mission they need to share, David can help you turn it into a functional business, avoiding the financial, and technical mistakes that he went through.Unlike other business or personal development coaches, David helps you set up the actual systems and assets for your business to run. Not simply the mindset or theory.Amazingly, he will also help you do it faster, cheaper, and easier than just about any other business coach in the industry. (Plus, you will have dramatically more fun doing it than you could possibly expect.)

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Our show is titled:
I Didn’t Know What The Fck I Was Doing - Podcast!”
Normalizing the conversation around that discomfort we feel when starting something we haven't done before.It's healthy to admit we are confused, struggling, or just don’t know what the right next step should be.In our episodes, we share stories about undertaking new business adventures, discuss the silly mistakes we all make, and analyze the simple and complex struggles all of us have gone through, in order to reduce the stigma of what many consider failure, but what is really progress.Hear from special guests, learn incredible tips and tricks, and let all of us help you avoid some of the inevitable setbacks that lay ahead on
your adventure in life.
IDK WTF I'm doing, and it's okay if you don't either.
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